Green Wedding Ideas: Planning an Environmentally Friendly Ceremony

Green wedding ideas can help you plan an event that is better for the Earth while sharing your own personal views and encouragement with your guests. Environmentally friendly weddings are all the rage now that new campaigns for making the Earth a better place are being developed each day.

If you want to have a beautiful ceremony while showing everyone that you care about this World we live in, then follow the tips and ideas listed below.

Consider Recycled Rings

Using recycled metal for your rings is just one of the ways that you can help to reduce the amount of waste. While it may not take much recycled material to create a small wedding band, the statement you make by doing so is likely to make a big impression on those around you. Instead of destroying the Earth through gold mining tactics, you will be using a renewable resource with gold from recycled jewelry.

Grow Your Own Flowers

If you know what type of flowers you would like for your wedding, you friends and family members can plan to grow them in time for the ceremony. Cut flowers are known to be toxic to grow and handle. You also cause damage to the environment when there is transportation and shipping involved as well. By growing your own organically grown flowers, you are helping to save the Earth.

Go Organic with the Food

Organic locally grown food items are the best choice for menus when it comes to green wedding ideas. These foods will not harm the environment by being transported, having harmful chemicals used on them, or other dangerous practices and will taste just as delicious if not better to your guests.

Green Gift Registries

Just as with other things related to weddings, gift registries have not begun to go green as well. There are a number of places where you can register for gifts that are eco-friendly and which promote the health of the Earth and not the harming of it.

Consider Recycled Paper

One of the easiest green wedding ideas that you can utilize is the use of recycled paper for the printing of your invitations, save the date cards, and even envelopes. This will not only help to save trees but will likely save you money as well. As another option, there is now recycled paper available that has seeds within it. This paper can be printed on and then buried in the ground where the paper will disintegrate and flowers or plants will grow in its place.

Environmentally Friendly Favors

Other green wedding ideas focus around the favors that are handed out to guests. Flower or plant bulbs wrapped nicely can be used as favors. These bulbs can be planted by guests to help rejuvenate the Earth and can be made to match the wedding colors or d├ęcor as well.

If you have been searching for green wedding ideas, then the ones listed above can help you when planning a wedding that is both classy and friendly to the environment. Earth friendly wedding ceremonies and receptions are a small step that you can take towards helping to create a healthier Earth.