Wedding Gift Wrapping Ideas

Weddings are always such special days. Gifts are often given not only at the wedding, but often at an engagement shower and a bridal shower. How can you make your gifts look special?

Many people wrap gifts for weddings in white, but this is not a strict rule by any means. You could also select gift-wrapping and accessories that complement the theme of the wedding. So a winder wedding gift could look lovely in silver paper with silver ribbon tied in a bow with a snowflake ornament as an accessory. A summer wedding gift could look stunning in deep pink paper with a thick pale pink ribbon topped with fresh pink roses (use white roses for a different look).

Another choice would be to select gift-wrap that somehow compliments your gift. Are you giving the bride and groom part of their china place settings? Select gift-wrap that has one or two of the colors from their china plates.

Different cultures have different meanings when gifts are given and received. Red is often a color used in China to celebrate weddings, and many wedding gifts in China are wrapped in red paper. In Italy, roses are a sign of love and happiness but carnations are a flower signifying a funeral. Pay attention to any special cultural meanings when you are giving and then wrapping gifts for a wedding or any other special occasion.

Weddings are a special time and with a little care and attention you can select beautiful gift-wrapping that will compliment this festive occasion.

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Abigail Beal
The Gift-Wrap Goddess
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