Friendly Honeymoon Tips After the Wedding

Weddings are big dreams that girls often want to be perfect should they ever go and walk down the aisle. But while weddings are considered to be time consuming and stressful in planning, what happens afterwards is often a thing that most women forget to work on. That would be the honeymoon.

While girls are the ones excited to get married in fancy weddings, men are the usual suspects when it comes to looking forward to the honeymoon. Not just for consummating their marriage though, as one would often justify, but to finally enjoy for the first time their first few moments of togetherness with their wives.

As men often want to give their women the best of everything, there are some who might not be able to work things out the way they want. For a honeymoon that will definitely work for you and your wife, you can go and take a few things in mind to make the experience fun and at the same time cost-friendly.

Know What You Want

As a husband, you should be firm in the things that you would want for you and your family. You can start with picking the perfect honeymoon destination. By perfect, meaning one that will work with your pocket.

Setting aside a budget for such excluded from wedding expenses will provide you with a general idea of how much you can afford. Would it be a beach getaway to an exotic locale or a week-long camp in a safari? Set it first, and make sure you consult with your wife. Or better yet surprise her, but make sure it would be something she would approve of.

Prioritize Costs

One of the best budget honeymoon planning that never fails is to work on the plans yourself and to do them in advance. Booking early to certain destinations will provide you with cheaper airfare. So if you are getting married in off-peak seasons of certain places, then you can definitely save up on accommodations.

Look into Alternative Destinations

There are idyllic locations set all over the world, and some can be pricey. While these may be what you want, there are more options on certain locales that can provide the same experience. Take a risk and get in touch with booking agents in the area, or do a thorough research yourself on the sights. Places such as Puerto Rico and Phuket can be as exotic as a trip to Mustique or Punta del Este and you would not have to deal with the unreasonable expenses.

Work on your Mode of Travel

While you would be required to pay for plane fare to get to get to your location, you can definitely cut costs by doing a few things. If your credit card offers free miles, cash in on them. Book flights in less populated airports, and be on the lookout for airline promos online or in newspapers. Planning weddings take months, and if you can be as intensive in doing so with your honeymoon, then you and your wife will have the time of your lives.