Finding Your Bridal Style: Traditional Wedding and Vintage Bride

Wearing a long, traditional veil, taking time-honored vows and getting married in a church are all ageless elements that are sometimes dispensed with in the modern wedding. If you were lucky enough to have your mom or grandma pass on a bridal gown on you, stop grousing and just call yourself "vintage." Features of wedding styles today that emulate the traditional weddings of the past include:

  1. They have a unifying theme.
  2. They're versatile: you can let your fashion intelligence set the general vibe of your dress.
  3. You can easily complete the look with appropriate accessories.

Vintage Bridal Styles and Solutions

A vintage wedding would be meaningless if you and your groom don't have a basis for selecting a theme from the past. Really you just need to center on a particular era. What genre of music, type of cuisine and clothing design were popular at that time? A traditional wedding doesn't have to be expensive. You just need to find ideas from the past, pick one era you can concentrate on and then find accessible resources you can use so you don't have to spend so much.

Your gown, along with your bridesmaid dresses; need to represent all that is majestic, traditional and sophisticated about the wedding dress if you're a classic style bride. If you go with elegant retro style, your gown would be inspired by Old Hollywood glamour. Dresses with heaps of lace, beading, or ruffles exemplify the romantic style.

Graceful rhinestone chokers, cameos, and traditional pearl necklaces add a retro touch to any gown. Pearl earrings and diamond studs are always stylish. Short, two-tier or opera length gloves can pay elegant respect to the past.

Finally, one of the best ways to save money on the purchase of your gown is to buy it online. We recommend that you try the dress on in the store and purchase online, since wedding sizes usually run bigger than street sizes.