Favorite Colors for Weddings

Wedding colors should be the colors that the bride and the groom agree on for the wedding. Men usually choose the darker colors, but what if your man likes the color red or blue.

You would want to know the exact colors you will have for your wedding so that you can choose the wedding attire accordingly. You most definitely would not want to find purple dresses for the bridesmaids and then have red flowers in the bouquet. Choose your favorite colors and then plan the wedding around those colors.

Matching Colors

Make sure that when you are deciding what your favorite colors are that they are going to match and look nice when all the colors are combined together. Wedding colors can be anything, but you still want to have some combinations that match together nicely.

If red is a favorite color, then you are not going to want purple or yellow in the mix. You can define your colors by choosing the center color and working from there. Then there are the colors that have to match all the wedding attire including the brides dress.

Dresses and Flower Colors

After you choose your wedding colors, then you have to find your dress and the bridesmaid dresses. There are so many different style wedding dresses to choose. You could have the traditional white wedding dress, or a dress with color.

When choosing your dress, if the color is not just white, make sure that the colors you choose for your wedding will look beautiful with the brides dress and dresses of the bridesmaids. Then you will need to make sure the tuxedos will go together nicely with the colors and the dresses. The colors you choose are the center point of the entire wedding.

After you say yes to his proposal, you want to start planning your wedding. The first thing you should consider is the color scheme of the wedding. You want the center point of the wedding planned around the colors that you choose.

Once you have defined the colors that you want in your wedding, you can find the dresses and the attire for the men. Just make sure to choose colors that match very well together and do not over do the color selections. Too much color can take away from the beautiful wedding dress and that is not what you want.