Establishing a Timeline for Planning Your Wedding

Weddings will always be special. No matter what people might say about weddings being antiquated and ritualistic, there will always be much joy, happiness and love to be derived from two people making good their commitment to each other. Unfortunately, for all the warm and fuzzy feelings associated with weddings, planning one is not always a walk in a park. In fact, when you get around to planning one, you'll realize that a walk in the park is the farthest thing you can compare the process with. Still, all the effort you put in planning a wedding will be all worth it in the end when you see the happy couple exchange I Do's.

Coming Up with a Timeline

Essential to planning a wedding is coming up with a timeline for you to follow. However, filling up a timeline involves specific information that you might not have at the moment. So before you get around to creating a timeline, you're going to have to do a brainstorming session. This will tackle everything the bride and the groom will want for their wedding so you'll know what you have to prepare for.

As part of the brainstorming phase, do consider attending bridal shows to give the bride and the groom some insight and inspiration for their wedding. Don't be afraid to just throw in ideas at random as this will help pave the way for realizing what the bride and groom really want. More often than not though, brides have themes in mind for their wedding even before the engagement ring was bought so a brainstorming session can last for as little as an hour. If you're lucky, the bride will have already done her research about the specifics of the theme so you already have a base from which you can start planning the wedding.

A Sample Timeline

Different weddings have different requirements so not one timeline will work for everyone. Below is a sample timeline though you can expound upon:

Twelve or More Months Before the Wedding

  • Hire a wedding planner, if needed
  • Source out the wedding dress
  • Find a venue for the wedding and the reception party

Six to Nine Months Before the Wedding

  • Source out bridesmaid dresses
  • Check wedding flowers
  • Plan out wedding music, especially important if you're planning to hire other musicians

Four to Six Months Before the Wedding

  • Wedding invitations
  • Wedding favors
  • Wedding cake
  • Accommodations for guests, if needed

Two to Four Months Before the Wedding

  • Preparation of wedding vows
  • Buying wedding rings

Four Months to Eight Weeks Before the Wedding

  • Wedding hairstyles
  • Booking a salon
  • Pre-nuptial shoot

Actual Wedding

  • Enjoy

Preparing for the Big Day

You can do all the planning you want but nothing really prepares you for a wedding as much as preparing yourself for a marriage. It's a good sign of things to come to have a great wedding but your new life together starts after your last guest in the reception party leaves. Don't wrap yourself too much around a day because it's just a day. The rest of your life is just about to start.