Enjoying a Dance to Selected Music at Your Wedding

When you hire a DJ or a band for your wedding and reception, you will have the choice of choosing the music or allowing your guests to make requests. You can choose to have a variety of music or a specific music gene.

The reception is a time when everyone talks, meets new people and has fun. Dancing is just another way to have fun at the reception. When you look for someone to host the music at your reception, you want someone that can play the music that you like and enjoy.

Many couples today are going with a DJ because of the mix of music. If you want to have a choice between rock and country, you are not going to hire a band that only plays country and waltzes. Therefore, your best selection for entertainment may be a DJ.

Choose Your Music

When you talk with a DJ before hiring him or her, you can select the music you want to play at the reception. The DJ usually has a list of music that you can choose from and decide which dance songs you would like and which songs you would like for the bride and groom dances. If you would rather have the DJ select the music, you can express your opinion for the type of music you like. You can choose a dance for the parents of the bride and grooms as well as a dance for the wedding party. There are so many things to choose music for that a DJ can help you with this part.

Variety of Music

You may wonder what type of music you should choose for your wedding reception. This can be solved in one of two ways. You could let the DJ or the band choose what to play or you can give some ideas of the type of music you and your guests may enjoy. You have a little bit of country and a little bit of rock and roll. You might even want some rap or punk music. The nice thing about a reception is that you can hire a DJ that can play a variety of music. You will be pleased when you use a DJ that has a large collection of today's music as well as the 70's, 80s and 90s music.

Getting Ready for the Dance

After the reception, you will more than likely need to have some tables moved off to the side so that there is enough room for all of your guests to dance. The DJ or band will already be set up and ready to start at the time that you agreed to in the contract. Then it is time to celebrate and have fun.

If you hire a DJ for your reception, you will be able to have a variety of music played at the reception. You could have country, rap, rock or fun dance music. You can choose the music or leave it up to the DJ or band to make the night fun. Either way, your guests will have a good time dancing and watching everyone have fun on your special day.