Enjoy Weddings Even If You're Single

Most people consider weddings to be delightful spectacles, but enjoying a wedding as a single person is often found to be impossible by such people. Because the union of two people is the main highlight of such events, single people, no matter how they deny it, would feel a bit of remorse knowing that they still are not as lucky as the two people who are getting betrothed.

You should not stress over being single when attending weddings. Instead of resorting to desperate measures like hiring an escort or getting in touch with someone you haven't heard from in a long time or someone you do not really know to have as a date, you can work on a few simple things to make the experience more fun.

Dress Up

Weddings are occasions that often require people to come in their Sunday best. While upstaging the bride is inappropriate, you will find that a wedding will give you a chance to feel good about yourself by dressing up. You can get your hair done, and you will be decked out in amazing clothes. What can be worse than that, right?

Eat Well

There is no other occasion wherein a person will definitely try to impress people than with a wedding. This means that the food that will be served is bound to be delicious. Whether it is a sit down dinner or a buffet lunch that is in store, make sure that you eat plenty. Nothing makes people happier than eating, and when there is an open bar that will serve you your favorite drinks, you are sure to enjoy regardless of being alone.


The dance floor would be a place to avoid when attending a wedding by yourself, but you can always work on your being single by mingling with other guests. While you might find that most of such would be couples that have been together for a good number of years, you will also find other people who might have just gotten off failed marriages. The couples may have problems that will make you feel better, and the divorcees can become your new good friends.

Have Fun

Do not let your being single ruin your mood. Weddings are supposed to be festive, and in such occasions you need to celebrate. After all, it is not about you. Wish the couple well, as well as other people. Just smile, you'll never know what good karma will bring you.