Endless Wedding Themes to Choose

Are you planning your wedding day? Do you want something that everyone will remember? Wedding themes are always a special way to make a lasting impression in the minds and hearts of your family and friends. There are so many different themes to choose from that you could have a hard time deciding the exact theme that you want.

Tropical, Beach and Hawaiian Themes

Theme weddings are fun to plan. You could have a tropical wedding theme, a beach wedding them, or a true Hawaiian wedding theme. There are many wedding decorations, favors, and locations to plan a theme wedding of this type. You could have it on a beach with tropical plants and even have colorful string lights. True Hawaiian wedding themes could include grass skirts and hula dancing.

Las Vegas Nights Theme

Plan a Las Vegas nights wedding theme and allow your guests to have fun with some gambling, and feel the excitement of getting married Las Vegas style. You could combine the wedding ceremony and the reception all in one. You could even have Elvis Presley marry you. There are places to rent tables and games for this reception theme.

Cowboy Themes

Themes that center around a country setting are usually cowboy and cowgirl themes. You could have your guest dress in cowboy hats, jeans, boots and even fancier attire that can be found in many country and western stores. Think about holding the reception and wedding ceremony in a decorated hall or even in a decked out barn.

Disney Wedding Themes

Ballroom themes, Cinderella themes, or even Princess themes always look so beautiful. Instead of going to Disney World to have a wedding, you can create your own theme wedding right where you live. The themes for Disney weddings are endless. These themes usually run a little more expensive than others though.

Particular Year Themes

Plan a 50's, 60's or 70's theme wedding. Thrift stores always have something from these years on the shelves and all you have to do is decorate the hall and plan your attire. There are many costume stores that guests can use to find attire from any year. The first thing that might come to mind is the Bonnie and Clyde style or even the hippie movement.

Sports Themes

Whether you like football, soccer, baseball, or golf, you can plan a sports theme wedding. These types of weddings can be fun. You can have the wedding outdoors or indoors and still incorporate a sports theme. If there is any sport that you really like, you can plan a wedding around it.

Choosing wedding themes is fun. Brides are always looking for different ways to make the day memorable, and planning a theme wedding that everyone will remember is just as much fun as planning the ceremony. With so many different wedding decorations and wedding favors for so many different themes, you can be as creative as you want. It just takes a little time to decide which theme you want and how to decorate for it.