Different Types of Weddings

Getting married is one of the most important decisions a person could make in his or her life. There are also so many things to consider like are both parties ready, are there issues and complications that might cause future problems, are they both financially stable to be able to support a family, the wedding expenses and so much more.

Despite all of these troubles, couples in love are hardly ever discouraged. Weddings are not only limited for certain people, it is something universal. People of any race and nationality can get married, if they so desire. However, when it comes to age, there is a legal age for people to be married, on most cases it is 18. The gender of the people to be married is also considered. There are some countries and cities in the world that allow gay marriage, some do not. The culture of the people to be married is also important. Some countries hold their tradition very high, while some are a combination of various cultures throughout the world. The types of weddings also depend on the religion, culture and personality of the people to be wedded.

Aside from the regular civil weddings that are officiated by a priest, a mayor or a pastor, there are also other types of weddings like the military wedding, destination wedding, white wedding, weekend wedding, mass wedding, double wedding and same sex wedding. Usually when the groom or the bride is part of the army, a military wedding takes place. It happens on a military chapel and may involve a Saber Arch. Since most of the guests are part of the military, almost everyone present is wearing military uniforms. Destination wedding is when the couple decides to do their wedding on a location that is ideal for vacation like an out of town beach or on the countryside. The couple as well as the guests enjoys a vacation after the wedding ceremony. Common venues are resorts, beaches or overseas.

A white wedding is often the same as the traditional wedding. Everyone present on the wedding usually wears an all-white attire. The color white was then regarded as a symbol of purity of the bride. When the couple and their guests decide to spend the whole celebration over one weekend, it is considered a weekend wedding. Additional activities like swimming, skiing, golf tournaments, bonfires, diving, and spa treatments are scheduled along with the wedding. In addition, mass wedding is common on the Catholic religion, where many couples are simultaneously married on a big church and a double wedding takes place when two couples, usually close friends or relatives, decide to conduct their wedding at the same time or right after the other. Lastly, when people of the similar sex get married, it is the same sex wedding. Some churches and religion, as well as certain places throughout the globe recognize and perform same sex marriage while more traditional and conservative ones refute it.