Different Types of Dance Music for Your Wedding Reception

Couples plan their weddings and reception and include hundreds of people. You want everyone you know at your wedding and your reception. Many guests are just invited to the dance, while close friends and family are invited to the dinner.

The entertainment part of the reception is where things get a little wild and aunts and uncles usually let their hair down and dance up a storm. The type of music and dance songs that you select is important. You want to have a variety so that everyone enjoys the night.

Funny Dances

There are many dance songs that everyone enjoys doing. The Chicken Dance, Locomotion, The Stroke, The Worm and The Hokey Pokey are just a few of the great dance songs that bring out the funny side of people. Whether your guests are young or old, they are going to enjoy these dances.

Imagine grandma and grandpa out on the floor doing The Worm or The Chicken dance. If you have a reception and want it to be enjoyable and fun, make sure that your DJ or band know that you want to have some funny dances included in the mix.

Bride and Groom Dances

The dances for the bride and groom are important at any wedding. The first dance for the bride and groom will be a single dance that only they dance to while guests watch. Then there are the dances with the moms and dads as well as the wedding party. Then there is the dollar dance where the bride and groom wait for people to pay a dollar to dance a few seconds with them.

The bride and groom dances are important for all receptions. You will be able to select the music for the bride and groom dances. Almost every DJ or band will have a list that you can look at to choose the songs.

Should You Have Dancing

Some wedding receptions have no dancing. The music is more for background than it is for dancing. This could be fine for older couples getting married with just a few friends and family, but most receptions do have dancing. This is a time for everyone to get out and have fun. If you are thinking about not having any dancing, you should have something for your guests to do besides sit and talk. Of course, whether you have dancing or not is up to you.

If you are planning a wedding and a reception, you should consider having a band or a DJ so that there is dancing. People enjoy the receptions because they can talk to friends and family while sharing some dances. They also enjoy seeing the bride and groom out dancing for the first time as a couple.

No matter what ages your guests are, they are going to enjoy the funny dances as well as the fast and slow dancing. Make sure you have a mix of music to suit everyone. If you have a DJ, your guests will be able to ask for a request, which means that you do not have to select all the music.