Destination Weddings on a Budget

If you have say yes to his proposal, then the next thing you need to do is plan a wedding date and where to have the wedding. Destination weddings are becoming popular as a way to have the wedding and a honeymoon together.

You can easily plan destination weddings on a budget and still have a beautiful day. When you are looking for destinations, you want to consider who will join you on the trip. Many times, close family and some friends go along for the wedding ceremony. You can check with a travel agent to see what group deals are available.

Group Rates

Many times, a travel agent can get you a great deal on group rates that include airfare, accommodations and the wedding. Many destinations have specials for wedding couples and their guests. You can book a destination and have the wedding planner arrange everything you need to have done for the wedding by the time you get there. These places have some specials that will allow you to have a destination wedding on a budget you can afford. In most cases, the accommodations are at a place that specializes in weddings and accommodating the guests.

Honeymoon Budgets

Since you are having a destination wedding on a budget, you will also enjoy having a beautiful honeymoon as soon as you are wed. The places that accommodate weddings also have a honeymoon suite and you can see if this is included in the price of the wedding. In most cases, the wedding night and the suite is included. Because you are already in a beautiful destination, you can begin the honeymoon right away and start your life together with some sightseeing. A wedding and a honeymoon all in one, there is no better gift to the two of you.

Eloping for Wedding

If you want to save more money and have a private destination wedding on a budget, you can sneak away and elope for your wedding. Many couples get married somewhere else and when they return home as husband and wife, they have a reception to announce their marriage. This is a great way to save money on the wedding and have a casual reception when you get home. The idea of saving money and still sharing time with your family and friends at a reception is a great way to celebrate your destination wedding on a budget.

If you want to save money and still have a destination wedding on a budget, you can check for group rates or travel yourself and have a small wedding and a honeymoon alone. Then you can celebrate with family and friends when you return home. There are ways to plan a destination wedding without spending more than you intended and still have a wonderful time. Just make sure that you tell your family that you are getting married and they can help you plan the reception when you return. This will make them happy and you will save money on everything.