Designing Announcements Cards

If you have to turn announcements into invitations the best idea is to use announcement cards. There are such cards available for every event you can think of from birthday and wedding announcements to baby shower announcements. There is no better way to inform all your colleagues and friends about any special event thats coming up. This way you can get the perfect celebration.

Recently I realized that designing announcements cards is much more difficult and requires much more work that you can ever imagine. That actually happened when I was getting married and I had to leave it up to my wife for the analysis itself. She knows much more than I do about organizing things and about design also. Organizing the specifics of things she learned while being an accountant and design was a part of her education while majoring art in school. Being into both of these she is the perfect choice for the job.

Anyway we got a bit confused and baffled by the vast array of invitations and announcements. There are all kinds of cards, something for each and every taste. You can get a shining bright announcements cards with silver or gold incrustations, some tacky modern ones with smilies or silly faces on them, cartoon cards also, or the classic ones with their beautiful ornamentations. The gray and subtle corporate style announcements cards with their inevitable subdued tone were also available.

At the end we decided to design our own unique announcements cards and it turned out to be easier than we thought it would be. First of all there are lots of places where you can get your designs printed out in the exact way that you want them to be displayed. At first it may seem a bit too expensive but if you check and compare the prices it is actually cheaper to do it this way instead of buying pre-designed cards from a professional designer.

So my wife included a kind of stylized wood-block print of a picture we had from our engagement. We were embracing each other on it and it was actually looking very nice on the textured paper she chose for the announcements cards. All that made them look very stylish and classy.

Still we had a problem though. We had to invite people to our wedding and of course we had to figure out and decide how many people we are going to have there. In case you are married you already know what I mean. At the end we decided to have a moderate 200-people wedding.

Eventually we realized that it wasn't probably the best decision as we are both very social people and have a lot more friends than those 200 we invited. Unfortunately some of them took it as an insult not being invited to our wedding along with the others. However, at the end we had our invitational announcements cards ready and sent out.