Creating an Emergency Kit for Your Wedding Day

There are many emergencies that could strike on your wedding day and could potentially ruin the event for you. To ensure that this does not happen, many couples are not putting together emergency kits that are full of items that can be used to avoid potential disasters should they strike. The items within these kits are comprehensive and deal with not only apparel, but medications and personal needs as well. Some common items found in such kits can be found below.

Personal Needs Items

It is easy to be scatter brained and to forget important items on your wedding day. Others in your wedding party may also forget to bring essential items as well. By stocking your emergency kit with these personal items, you ensure that even if the items are forgotten on the big day, they will still be available to everyone. Some common personal items that should be included in your kit are:

  • Deodorant for men and women
  • Hair brushes and combs
  • Hair gel and spray
  • Extra makeup and blotting papers
  • Feminine products
  • Eye drops or solution for contacts (if needed)
  • Tissues
  • Pins for the hair

Apparel Related Items

There are many mishaps that can take place with the apparel of the wedding party, particularly the wedding dress. A stain or tear in these items would be disastrous on the special day. That is why the emergency wedding kit should also contain a list of items that can be used to repair or replace items that get ruined.

  • Extra pantyhose
  • Clear nail polish to fix holes and runs in stockings
  • Extra cuff links
  • Small sewing kit
  • Stain Remover
  • White chalk to cover stains on a white dress
  • Spare buttons for shirts


Medications are another important item which should be placed into the emergency kit for the wedding day. Jitters and nerves can wreak havoc on the body and there may be a need for items such as antacids, allergy medications and pain relievers. If anyone is on prescription medication then an extra dose should be placed into the kit as well, in case it is forgotten in the rush of the day.

Other Important Emergency Items

Other items that do not fall into the categories above may be forgotten in the hectic environment of the day as well. These items are often important and could cause the wedding to come to a standstill without them. These items include:

  • Extra cash for vendors or emergencies
  • Driver's License and marriage license information
  • The rings
  • An iron
  • Umbrellas
  • Important phone numbers

If you are planning a wedding, then it is best to be prepared in any way possible beforehand. There are many things that you can do to prepare before the wedding to ensure that emergencies and disasters can be averted. The items listed above are all products that should be placed in a wedding day emergency kit in case anything is forgotten in the rush of the big day.