Creating a Wedding Journal

Your wedding is one of the happiest things you will every experience. The whole process from the proposal to the planning and the actual event itself is something that you will want to remember for the rest of your life. Wedding journals are a fabulous way to ensure that you remember every last little detail of the whole process and that those memories are saved and cherished for your children and grandchildren in the future.

What is a Wedding Journal?

A wedding journal is a step by step account of the whole planning process and wedding day from your point of view. It is just like any other journal or diary that you would make, but it deals specifically and only with your wedding day and the months or days leading up to it.

What Should You Write Down?

You should put anything and everything that you want into your wedding journal. Not only the good things should go in there, but the bad should as well. If you are feeling let down or upset over something then put it down. This is supposed to be a comprehensive and well rounded account of the whole process and you would be surprised at how many of your reactions will be funny to laugh at in the years to come.

Keep a Notepad Handy

Since you can't always have a big journal around with you, it is important to remember to keep a notepad close at hand when you are planning the wedding and even when you walk down the aisle. There are little moments, thoughts and emotions that you will want to remember in your journal even when you don't have access to it. Small little wallet sized notepads are available and can be concealed easily, even in your wedding dress.

Make it Special

After the wedding is complete, you can go back and make your wedding journal extra special. Collect notes from the wedding party or guests about how they viewed the planning or wedding experience. Having the different points of view will make the journal even more special. Add your favorite photos from the time period or special keepsakes to make it unique as well. The more personal you make your journal, the longer it will be able to preserve the memories and bring back those same feelings to you time and again.

A wedding journal is a great way to hold onto the feelings and thoughts that you had during and while planning your wedding day. The information above can help develop your journal and know what to include in order to make it as special as possible.