Choosing the Right Wedding Cake

While it is true that the bride is the most important part of the wedding and everybody focuses mostly on her, with most guests straining themselves just to be able to catch a glimpse of the bride’s gown and her bouquet, there also other things which most people are very eager to see, such as the wedding cake. Actually, there are even more and more people who await the first chance they get to view the cake with great anticipation because this is now a very important part of anybody’s wedding and will also be able to determine the theme of the entire event.

The latest trend for wedding cakes nowadays is that they do not really have to be the classic tiers of white on white icing with a simple cake topper placed on the top level of the cake. They are sometimes massive structures, fanciful designs and sometimes, it is not even a cake altogether.

The best way to enjoy the use of an alternative wedding cake would be choosing coloured frosting along with many unique decorations. You should not have to bother with the traditional white cake when you can have a tiffany blue cake covered in fondant and with beads of icing dispersed throughout the cake to match the flowers which are held by the bridal entourage. You can also choose to use iced flowers, fresh flowers, candies, and cookies, along with other unique decorations to make your wedding cake something truly memorable and spectacular.

You also have to consider the design; there are some wedding cakes that do not even look like cakes at all. Some wedding cakes resemble castles, fountains, towers, and whatever the person can imagine. A couple who chooses to have an ancient Greece theme for their wedding can simply ask the designer of the cake to shape the whole thing like ancient busts of Gods or Goddesses if they want.

There are even some couples who choose to have a wedding cake that is not a cake at all. There are many brides who choose to have beautifully-designed racks filled with single serving cupcakes which are meant to be displayed as their wedding cake; while others even use a dessert buffet instead of a single choice. If the need to follow tradition is very strong, then a smaller and less ornate cake can still be used alongside these alternative options.

One has to remember that a wedding cake of any kind must come from a reliable source and is guaranteed to make it on time. There are very many reports and stories of a reception gone completely wrong because the cake did not show up or wasn’t what the couple had in mind at all. It would be best if you were to check the credentials and the references of the baker and it should definitely hold a priority position on your wedding plan checklist. One easy way to find a reliable baker is to simply ask friends of yours who are married about bakers that they know of.