Choosing Hot Weather Wedding Flowers

When you are planning a wedding during the summer or in a tropical location where the temperatures will be high, it is essential that you consider which types of flowers will resist wilting in such conditions. It would be terrible to spend the money on elaborate bouquets and arrangements only to find that they wilt and turn brown before the guests arrive.

Just because a flower may look lively and fresh in the air conditioned case at the florist does not mean it will remain that way under the scrutiny of the hot sun in an outdoor ceremony setting. Consider these hot weather wedding flower choices to avoid a disaster on your special day.

Silk Flowers

The most obvious choice when temperatures will be high is to use artificial or silk flowers. These types of floral arrangements are not what they used to be. Instead of truly looking fake, some well made silk flowers can fool even the trained eye. Many brides scoff at the idea of using fake floral bouquets at their weddings, but it is a great idea in hot weather and will remain a keepsake that you can cherish forever.

Tropical Flowers

Another obvious option when it comes to wilt free wedding flowers is the use of tropical flowers. It is safe to assume that since these plants can withstand the intense heat in the wild, they will also be able to do so when cut and used for a bouquet or arrangement. Flowers that fall into this category are orchids and birds of paradise. Although these choices tend to be more expensive than other options, they are gorgeous blooms and can last for days after the ceremony.


Lilies are another beautiful type of flower which is capable of withstanding sweltering temperatures. Calla lilies and mini calla lilies are the most common types used, and will not fade or wilt throughout the day. Another wonderful thing about this choice of blooms is that they are available in a wide range of colors, making them easier to match to any d├ęcor.

Summer Wild Flowers

A less expensive and fun option for hot weather wedding flowers are wild flowers which will grow and thrive naturally in the summer. Amount these types are sunflowers and daisies. While not as formal or elegant as some of the other choices, they are a great choice for those on a smaller budget and who want an intimate and entertaining gathering with friends and family.

Hot weather can severely minimize your wedding flower choices, especially if your ceremony and reception will be held outdoors. To make the most of the situation, you should search for wilt free flowers like the ones listed above. These are just a few of the wonderful floral choices that are available for those getting married in the summer months.