Celtic Wedding Ring Buying Guide

Modern jewelry techniques allow a greater range of possibilities than the Celts had over two thousand years ago. Today you can find rings made with platinum, or white and yellow gold accented with diamonds. Some of the most beautiful rings are bi-metal, where the knots are one color, such as white gold, while the rim of the ring might be yellow gold. There is a wide range of class and price.

It is unlikely that a local jeweler will carry Celtic wedding rings, and even if they do, their range will be limited. The best place to purchase Celtic wedding rings is on the Internet, but there are definitely concerns that need to be addressed when purchasing an expensive piece of jewelry that you will wear every day for the rest of your life on line. Here are ten things to guide you through the process of purchasing a Celtic wedding ring on line.

1. Customer service and reputation.

There should be some kind of third party verification that assures you that the company you've been doing business with is solid. Here are some questions to consider. Do they have a brick and mortar store? Have they been in business at least ten years? Do they belong to a third party consumer protection group, such as the Better Business Bureau? Are their testimonials listing name and location of the person, rather than just an initial and last name? Can you easily call them and ask questions? Are they knowledgeable about their product? These are just a few issues to consider at the beginning.

2. Environmental practices and view of corporate socially responsibility.

It can take twenty tons of mining to produce the gold for one wedding ring. Yet there is more than enough gold right now available to produce all the jewelry that is needed. If you are concerned about issues of social responsibility, you may also want to see how the company views such issues as living wages and benefits. The energy through which the craftsman makes his ring is important to how it feels on your finger.

3. How was the ring made?

It is possible for just about any jeweler with a CAD program and a computer to design a Celtic ring in an hour and email it to a casting company. For those who want a ring that is soullessly perfect, this may be the right choice. On the other extreme, a jeweler may carve each knot design by hand out of wax. Rings may be carved in wax by hand, one at a time. A ring may also be made directly in metal, which is much rarer, as few jewelers have the skill to fabricate a Celtic ring without producing the original design in wax first. The quality of such a ring will vary according to the skill of the jeweler, but it will have a hand made appearance. No matter how the ring is made, consider how cleanly executed the knot work is.

4. Consider the depth of the line.

A jeweler with a long great line of Celtic wedding rings will have rings of the same style in various widths. Often, gents will have a wider band and the ladies, a narrower, but this is just a matter choice. Most engagement rings with Celtic knots and borders are 4mm and 4.5mm. Borderless, they may go down to 3mm. That means that they can be worn with a match under 9mm, which is about as wide as two rings can be for the average person. Most men prefer a ring between 6.5mm and 8.5mm.

5. Consider the meaning of the knot.

The designer should be able to talk intelligently about the meaning of the ring. It is not good enough that they say it symbolizes friendship or unity. They should have some understanding of the actual sacred geometry of the knot work itself.

6. What gemstones are available?

You may not want gemstones set between the knot work, but finer jewelers are able to do this. Ethical jewelers may also be able to offer you gemstones that are from fair trade sources and Canadian diamonds that bypass the African DeBeers supply chain.

7. Where is the ring made?

It is now possible to purchase a ring and have it shipped from anywhere in the world. However, you may be subject to additional customs or duties if you import a ring. Also, if you have a sizing issue, returning the ring can be a real hassle. How long will it take to make the ring. Be sure to plan ahead. Even if there is a short deadline, it is fine to call up the company and ask if they can rush it. A track record of timely delivery is also essential. It's not uncommon for a ring from outside the US to be held up by Customs, for example.

8. How much does the ring cost?

With jewelry, you pretty much get what you pay for. Rings can range anywhere from a few hundred dollars up to thousands. Consider that the ring is the one piece of jewelry that you may well wear for the rest of your life. What is most critical is a solid life time guarantee on the workmanship of the ring.

9. Sizing of the ring and resizing.

Some rings have sizing bands and some are made without. Sizing bands make the ring easier to size, which is important because many people will lose or gain twenty pounds during the course of a marriage. Some have comfort fit as well, which means that the rings are convex in such a way that the center of the ring touches the finger instead of the entire ring.

10. The soul of the ring.

Traditionally, jewelry in the Celtic world was viewed as a talisman and sometimes a power object. The energy of beauty and love of craft in the actual piece itself. A wedding ring is the most important piece of jewelry you will own and it will carry irreplaceable sentimental and spiritual value. The most important thing is to trust your feelings. The rings should be unique and resonate with your own profound, sacred connection and commitment to your beloved.