Catering: Buffet vs. Sit-down Dinner

When you have finally said yes to the big question, it is now the start of the huge preparation for the big day. You need to pick your wedding gown, choose your sponsors, decide on the theme, and scout for the possible reception. The food is one of the main attractions for the newly wed couple and for the guests as well.

Your guests remember not only your wedding rituals, but also the meal you served them. When you are in a dilemma between sit-down or buffet catering, you have to consider several things. This article will inform you of the pros and cons of each to help you arrive at the best decision.


Your budget is the primary consideration when choosing between the sit-down and buffet serving. Many caterers charge higher for the sit-down type. The difference in the price is due to the services of the food attendants they will have to hire to serve you and your guests. Because of the increased need for manpower, they will pass on the added expenses to you. The buffet type is better if you are on a tight budget. Since fewer staffs are present, caterers can quote you with a cheaper rate.

Need for Socialization

If you want your guests to mingle with the others, then buffet catering is the best. Since the visitors stand to serve themselves, they can catch up with other guests they know. They can mingle around and talk. For the sit-down type, the atmosphere is more formal; therefore, moving around is not so permissible. It is ideal if your guests hate waiting in line.

Food Choices for Guests

If you want your guests to have freedom in choosing the variety of their meal, the buffet is more practical. They can have the variety of choices in one long table and they can get as much as they want. Unlike in the sit-down catering, the guests will have to settle with what is placed on their table. Whether the food is to their liking or not, and whether it is enough for everyone on that table, they will have to deal with it. It can be quite difficult to serve an individual with something that he or she will dislike.

Theme of your Wedding

Sit-down dinners add more elegance to your wedding. If you are on the formal atmosphere, it is the best alternative for you. It provides less work for your guests and is more organized. On the other hand, the buffet creates a more casual atmosphere during the reception. Other couples fear the trouble of lining up in the table and the commotion in standing. However, you can facilitate the function by asking the caterer to assign ushers for your guests.

Your wedding day is your special day. Although the preparation can be exhausting, the memories it will give are long-lasting. Whether you get the sit-down or the buffet catering, consider your guests when making the decision. Make things simple and avoid the unnecessary stress. Remember, this is only a part of your major event. There are also other aspects worth your attention.