Capture the Wedding with Photography

Photography is an important part of a wedding. You want to capture every memory for your wedding album. Before you choose a wedding photographer, you need to see their work, find out the cost for the entire day and how much the photos cost for reprints.

You will also need to know what the contract says and what you should expect from the photographer. If you have any special instructions, you should convey this to the photographer before signing any contracts or selecting the right one for the day. May sure that you will have pictures of everything you need.

Choose a Photographer

When you are choosing the wedding photographer, you have to tell him or her what you expect. You must make sure that the photographer can be at your side when you need pictures taken. This may include the rehearsal and dinner. You may also want the photographer to be with you early in the morning for your hair appointment, dressing and the wait before the ceremony. After you confirm that the photographer can be with you when you need them, it is time to check their work.

Most photographers have a portfolio to show the bride and groom. These photos will be from past clients. The photos will give you a good idea about their skills and what they can do with a camera. May sure that the work is what you expect.

The Photography Contract

Before giving any deposits, you should read the contract and make sure that the times that you need them to shoot photos are listed in the contract. Also, check for the cost and what the cost entails. Then ask to see the price list for additional photos that you will buy from the prints. Make sure that the contract has everything listed that you require from the photographer.

Photographs for the Family

Since you will want pictures for the family, you need a photographer that will have good prices on reprints from the original prints. The cost of the photographer is one thing, but the price of the pictures you have printed for the family must be affordable as well. Ask questions to make sure that you can afford the cost of the prints for giving to family members.

Keep in mind that buying the prints and having them reprinted yourself at a place like Walgreen's will not work if the photographer puts their watermark on the photos. Most places will not reprint photos that are done by a professional photographer for ethic reasons.

You want to have pictures of your day for a keepsake, but you do not want to spend all your money on a photographer. You can find a very good photographer for your wedding that can fit your budget. Keep in mind when you want the photographer with you and make sure that the times are included in the contract. Then you are ready to move onto the next set of wedding plans you must take care of before you marry.