Butterfly Releases for your Wedding

"Butterflies at Weddings?" You read right. Butterflies are the most sought after these days for weddings. The butterfly releases are becoming increasingly popular as an alternative to 'Throwing the Rice' tradition and are enticed by the present younger generation.

Most of the modern weddings are doing a butterfly release. The tradition of throwing rice is becoming a passé and release of butterflies is becoming today's favorite, as the new couple exits the church, and why not? Butterfly releases can be wonderful and even classy, as butterflies make for wonderful wedding pictures, and are harmless to the environment, besides giving a beautiful array of colors at the wedding ceremony.

After exchanging wedding vows both of you are pronounced as husband and wife. Both of you walk together to open a box. Imagine the sight of beautiful butterflies emerging out of the box as you open the lid. We bet they would really take off the butterflies from your tummies and make you as well as your guests, light. The sight of butterflies flying all around and landing all across on to your hair, to your flowers, the guests' clothing is a wonderful sight. This would definitely give a great deal of work for your photographer, and a sight to behold in the eyes of all your guests.

It is believed that butterflies represent hope and new life. There is also a belief attached to release of butterflies. You catch a butterfly, say your wish and release into air; your wish comes true. Normally, the newly wed couple would wish to stay together in love forever. Nothing seems perfect than this to start off a wedding life. You saying your wish and releasing the butterfly.

With such beliefs, this trend has come into being. Now, it is becoming more and more popular, and becoming a ritual. It can be also interpreted that the bride and groom will be entering into a colorful world after wedlock. Nowadays, with many places restricting the tradition to throwing the rice, butterfly releases make sense as well as add color to your day.

You can add a wedding theme on butterflies when you plan butterfly releases tradition. However, it is advised to plan well in advance and see that the theme syncs in with the wedding decoration, reception, dinner place as well as dance floor and it would be a perfect butterfly wedding for your both.