Bridesmaid Jewelry Gifts

You have selected your bridesmaids because they are uniquely special to you, that's why they will be standing next to you on your wedding day. Now, to say thank you for always being there and to share this special moment with you.

Part of the wedding plans included the selection of your bridesmaids gowns and the colors and themes you have selected for your wedding day. To finish off the final details, comes selecting your shoes, hair styles, purses, accessories and of course bridesmaid jewelry.

Matching the Gown Style

When it comes time to select the bridesmaid jewelry the special women in your life will wear for your wedding day, you should first consider the style of bridesmaid gown they will be wearing.

Is your wedding formal? Are you getting married outside, a garden wedding? Is your wedding a more casual affair? Selecting your bridesmaid jewelry by the style of wedding you are hosting can help in your bridesmaid jewelry selection.

You must consider the formality of the event. If you are having a casual picnic lunch, probably dressing your girls in chunky chokers is not really the look you want. You may want something more light and airy, such as illusion bridesmaid jewelry.

If your wedding is very formal, you may want to place swarovski crystal and pearl bridesmaid chunky necklaces, earrings or bracelets.

Neckline Style

Another consideration to make when selecting your bridesmaids jewelry is the neckline style of your bridesmaids gowns. For example, if your bridesmaids are wearing strapless dresses, a popular style this season, there are many options you have for bridesmaid necklace styles and types to choose from. For instance, a strapless dress looks great with choker style necklaces, single and double strand necklaces, and pendant style or y drop style necklaces. All of these necklace styles can really compliment the strapless dress style.

The Color

The color of the bridesmaid jewelry your attendants will wear is important in the selection of your bridesmaid jewelry. Many brides are choosing coordinating colors instead of a perfect match for their bridesmaid jewelry this season. For example, if the wedding colors are ivory and mint green and the bridesmaids dresses are mint green, ivory pearls would compliment the other colors of the wedding and have a pop effect of color that stands out.

Regardless of the style or color of bridesmaid jewelry you select, consider the woman you are giving it to. Everyone has their own style, and jewelry is a great way to express that uniqueness. So if you are considering purchasing different styles for each bridesmaid, but keeping the color of the jewelry consistent, it is a nice way to showcase each individuals taste with congruency.

Showing Your Appreciation

Giving your bridesmaids bridesmaid jewelry for a gift is a wonderful idea. Your bridesmaids will cherish the bridesmaid jewelry you give them forever. It is a token of your special day that they were part of. Don't forget, once you've got the bridesmaid jewelry picked out – add a little note of how much you appreciate all they have done for you in the planning of your big, special day!