Brides Engagement and Wedding Rings

Most couples become engaged when the man proposes and gives her a ring. In some cases, the man may need the woman to choose her own ring. If the groom is unsure what type of ring the bride would wear or even like, he may ask her to look at rings with him.

Some couples become engaged without a ring and look for the engagement ring and wedding ring as a set. When they do this, they usually look for a set with the man's wedding ring included in the set. Either way, you have many selections to choose from when you look at rings.

The Engagement Ring

The engagement ring symbolizes the man's intentions to marry the woman. The woman accepts the engagement ring if she is in love and wants to become the man's wife. This ring is generally given when the man asks for the woman's hand in marriage. The setting for the engagement ring is something that they may have discussed or the man may choose a ring that he feels she will like. This ring is worn to tell everyone that she is engaged and is no longer available to anyone else.

The Wedding Ring

The wedding ring usually compliments the engagement ring. Many men will choose a set. If the woman helps with the selection, she will more than likely want a matching set so that she can have the two rings soldered together after the wedding to keep them together. The wedding ring is never worn until the ceremony is preformed. Some women will put it one to show friends, but other than that, it is never worn before the wedding. The wedding ring is kept in a safe place until the wedding day.

Placing of the Wedding Ring on Her Finger

The day of the wedding the woman will remove the engagement ring and leave her finger open for the wedding ring. In some cases, a wedding ring and engagement ring are soldered together before the ceremony and both are placed on the finger at the wedding. You can talk it over with each other to see how you will give the wedding ring. You may have a wedding set that needs to have the engagement ring and wedding ring together or it will look out of place. Your decision will depend on the type of rings you buy.

If you are planning to marry, the man will ask the woman for her hand in marriage while presenting her with an engagement ring. The couple may choose the set together or the man may choose the ring and allow the woman to choose the wedding ring. If you have a wedding coming up, you want to make sure that you have the wedding rings in time for the special day. If you need to have them altered, do it months before the ceremony or ask a jeweler how long they need to do the work. The only thing left to do is exchange rings and say, "I do."