Bridal Shower Options

One of the events that most brides look forward to before the wedding is their bridal shower. This is not only a time in which she receives gifts from her closest friends, but it is also a time for her to let loose and enjoy one more round of freedom before the big day. There are a number of different options that are available when it comes to bridal showers and some of the most common can be found below.

The Traditional Bridal Shower

Many brides choose to have a traditional bridal shower. These types of showers often follow the same kind of routine as a baby shower. There are gifts given, refreshments shared and fun games such as making a wedding dress from toilet paper. Mostly, a traditional party allows the bride to relax with good friends and talk about the excitement that is up ahead.

The Fun and Crazy Bridal Shower

For the more adventurous bride, a fun and crazy bridal shower may be ideal. These can take place in a variety of venues, from the bride’s home to a strip club or bar. No matter where the party is held, you can be sure that crazy stunts and wild acts will be a part of it. Unlike the traditional showers, these are more of a way for the bride to let loose and really get her pretty wedding jitters out of the way while enjoying her last few days of freedom.

The Helpful Bridal Shower

The helpful bridal shower is unlike any of the other two types of showers previously mentioned. Instead of just meeting for fun and chatter, these showers are geared towards helping the bride finish up some last minute things for the wedding. This could include putting together decorations or making favors for the guests. There is still fun and friendship to be shared, but these showers allow the bride to get some help with tasks that she may otherwise have to do alone.

Other Options

There are many ways to make a bridal shower special or unique. Creating a certain theme is usually one way to make a shower different. For instance, you could have a gourmet cooking theme, where everyone has to bring the ingredients for one gourmet dish and you all take turns making your dish and sharing them with each other. Unique themes like this can make a regular party a lot more fun.

There are a number of bridal shower options available. Some are fun while others help a bride complete some important tasks before the big day. Consider your friends feelings and desires before choosing the type of shower that would be best to meet her needs before the wedding.