Bridal Shower Ideas – From Traditional to Wild

Bridal showers are a chance for the bride to relax and get out with the girls for one of her last night's of freedom as an unmarried woman. This is a time of celebration and enjoyment, but there is a wide range of different ways that women choose to party and celebrate at their bridal shower. Some choose a more traditional route, while others choose to go as wild as possible. Below are some common choices for bridal showers.

Traditional Bridal Showers

Traditional showers are generally held at the bride's or a friends' home and tend to be low key affairs. While alcohol and good times are likely to be involved, these are the more toned down and traditional sort of parties. There are fun games that can be played and gifts are usually exchanged. Advice is typically passed on from married guests to the bride to be used on her honeymoon and throughout her marriage as well.

Adult Novelty Parties

For those brides who are looking for a wilder night, adult novelty parties are a fun and entertaining way to have a blast in the comfort of your own home. These parties are done free of charge and consist of a sales representative coming to the venue location and introducing the guests to a variety of products that can be used to enhance their experience with their partner. These parties are loads of fun with games, prizes and laughs to be had by all.

Bar Nights

Another common choice for bridal showers is bar nights out. This women's only trip to the bar is a last hurrah for the bride. Donned in funny attire or with a tiara and sash, the pride is paraded around from bar to bar and plenty of drinks and dancing is involved. Although not as intimate or quiet as showers held within a home, these parties are still a ton of fun and are good for those who are looking for a night out on the town.

Lingerie Shower

To get the bride ready for her honeymoon, guests may choose to throw her a lingerie shower. These showers are similar to the novelty home parties and consist of a sales agent bringing in various lingerie products to be viewed and purchased by guests. This is a wonderfully intimate shopping experience for the women and a chance for guests to let loose with the bride before the big day.

There are many available options when it comes to choosing the type of bridal shower to have. The ideas listed above are just a few of the ways that brides and their guests can celebrate one last time before the wedding day.