Black and White vs. Color Wedding Photography

Your wedding day is a once-in-a-lifetime event. It is one of life's most precious moments. For the bride, it is the realization of her childhood dream; while for the groom, it is the beginning of a new life with the most precious woman in his life. Because you only get married once, you would want to keep the memories alive. You want to capture all the hidden thoughts, the tearful moments of your parents, the emotional walking down the aisle, and the delightful reception. All these are picture perfect moments for you. If you have to choose between black and white versus colored wedding photography, here are the things you have to consider.

Which is more lasting?

If your consideration is the durability of your photos, go for the black and white photography. When printed in special archival fiber paper, they will last for hundreds of years. You can capture the same feeling you had and share it with your grandchildren. Most colored pictures fade after several years. The ink easily fades and, on average, they only last for up to 50 years. The plain and simple black and white may be more costly but they have better durability. Look at the photographs of your grandparents. They still portray the same vividness as the day they were taken.

What do you want to focus on?

When choosing between the two types, think of what you want to emphasize in the picture. If you want to focus on the subject and the emotion of the moment, then black and white is better to capture these sacred and rare moments. The center of the attention will be the subject. It reduces the distracting colors that take the focus away from the subject. It is advisable when capturing your teary-eyed dad, while walking down the aisle, the laughter in your flower girls, and the tension in the groom. On the other hand, colored photographs are for capturing the hues in your wedding. It gives a great portrayal of your wedding motif, the color of your cake, the vibrancy in your face, and the stunning beauty of your gown.

Do you want to hide some flaws?

Modern photography can help you hide the flaws in every shot. If you want to keep the blemishes in your skin, then black and white photography is best in keeping them. Choose this type of photography for the preparation of the wedding. The photography does not keep a record of the imperfections in the shade of your make-up. Shift to the colored type once you are all dressed up and ready to face the world. Surely, you would want to recall the expression in your face when you saw the grandeur of your preparation.

If you want a perfect keepsake for the most important day in your life, try combining the two. Although it might be a little expensive, having both lets you enjoy the colors of your wedding as well as capture the emotions of the event. Ask your photographer about the options to capture all the details of the day.