The Best Wedding Gift: Valuable vs. From the Heart

When it comes to going to a wedding there are two things that cross your mind: what to wear and what gift to get for the newlyweds. For sure, the first is mostly an issue for women and it usually represents a priority, but the second one should not be neglected either, as it reflects the relationship you have with the newlyweds.

There are generally two tendencies: offering a valuable wedding gift, like money, jewelry, trips or rooms rented in fashionable resorts. Usually, when it comes to this type of gifts, the value is directly proportional with the love and appreciation the giver has for the newlyweds.

Of course, not all the guests have the same financial possibilities, so it remains for the bride and groom to appreciate the efforts they make to offer a valuable gift. The only disadvantage when it comes to gifts in this category, except for jewelry, of course, is that they are easily spent and, as the years go by, the couple may not even remember them.

The other option is buying sentimental gifts. They do not cost a fortune, they express the giver’s feelings and wishes for the newlyweds and they last over time, turning into lovely souvenirs.

If these are the kind of gifts you prefer, you can go romantic with twisted candlesticks or a personalized candle set in the bride and groom’s favorite colors and scents. If you are more into practical gifts, you can choose an appetizer serving set, preferably made of quality porcelain or glass.

A funny and thoughtful gift would be a wall gallery frame made of 5 to 10 frames, with pictures of the two in their best moments. The advantage with this gift is that you can choose between various models, positions and sizes, in order to find the one item that fits the couple’s home perfectly.

Of course, the list could continue, but you probably understood the basics. The final choice, however, can only be yours because you know exactly how much money you can afford to spend and you know the bride and groom or at least people that know them very well, so you can find out what they like.

The ideal is, of course, to combine value with emotions and get the newlyweds a gift that is worth very much both from the material and from the sentimental point of view. They will certainly treasure such a gift above anything else, especially knowing that it comes from the heart!