Benefits of Having a Small Wedding

There are many benefits that can be gained by having a smaller sized wedding. Large ceremonies and events come with a lot of extra hassle and problems that can cause a bride or groom to be to pull their hair out. Although it is not guaranteed that your small wedding will be stress free and perfect, there are many advantages that you can gain by having one.

Less Stress

One of the greatest benefits of having a small wedding is the reduction in the amount of stress you are likely to experience. Not only will the big day go more smoothly, but the planning process will as well. There will be less people to cater to, so simpler methods of dining, entertainment, and venues can be used. All of this adds up to provide you with a calm and enjoyable planning period instead of a rush at the last minute to ensure everything is done for a large party of guests.

Save Money

Another one of the great benefits of a small wedding is the ability to save money. If you are working with a smaller sizes budget, a wedding with less people will allow you to go grander than you would have with a higher number of guests. You get the ceremony you have always dreamed of without sacrificing and without breaking the bank.

More Intimate Experience

With larger weddings, things can tend to get a bit impersonal. You may have friends or family members attending the event that you haven't seen in years and who you may know little or nothing about. Smaller affairs allow you to share and cherish your special event with those who are closest to you and who you love and care about the most.

Broader Choices

Perhaps you have had your eye on a cute little botanical garden for the wedding venue, or you would love to serve a rare cut of meat to your guests for the reception meal. These things may not be possible if you had a large service with many guests. When you reduce the number of people who are attending the service, you have a broader range of choices to choose from. You can pick that small venue or splurge on a more expensive menu item for your friends and family.

A Chance to Get Away

Smaller weddings are perfect for those who are considering the option of a destination wedding. If you have always dreamed of escaping to an overseas location in order to tie the knot, then this might be one of the most attractive benefits of a small wedding. It is easier to transport and organize a smaller party of people in a foreign location.

There are a number of benefits of a small wedding which makes it the ideal choice for many couples. The ones listed above are some of the most common that can be gained by reducing the amount of people who are present on your special day.