Beach Wedding Favors

Beach weddings are beautiful whether they are done in the sun and surf or with a gorgeous sunset as a background. Many couples are at a loss when it comes to choosing beach wedding favors though. They want something that is in keeping with the theme, but that provides a personal touch as well. These beach-themed favor ideas will be sure to impress even then pickiest of guests.

Shell Shaped Chocolates

If you want to go a more traditional route with your beach wedding favors, then you could order some shell shaped chocolates. To add a personal touch, you could purchase some netting, and cut out little squares. Place a few chocolates inside the net square with a small sand dollar and tie it with a pieces of decorative rope.

Baskets of Shells

For economical and inexpensive beach wedding favors, put together little baskets of shells. To make this more personal, choose the shells as a couple. After several walks along the beach in the early morning, you should be able to find plenty of beautiful and unique shells.

Purchase little baskets, and place a handful of shells inside. Come up with a poem that expresses your gratefulness to your guests and explain that every shell was handpicked for them. This will add a special touch that your guests will be sure to appreciate.

Starfish Magnets

Find or purchase some small starfish. With paint or markers, personalize each one with a message about your wedding day. This could be simply your names and the date that you are to be married, or it can be a short thank-you message to your guests. Attach a small magnet backing to each starfish to create a small practical gift that your guests can use.

Seashell Necklaces

If you really want to get creative, and you have some extra time on your hands before the wedding arrives, you can string some seashell necklaces for your guests to make beautifully customized beach wedding favors.

All you have to do is hand pick some special seashells from the beach shore, and drill a small hole in one end. You then can string them onto anything you like. String, leather straps, or other material, when you are done, simply close it with a clasp that can be bought at any craft store. These unique gifts will provide your guests with a special part of you that they can treasure forever.

Sea Inspired Gel Candles

Gel candles are beautiful ways to display items while providing a warm flicker of light. For beach wedding favors, you can provide each guest with a small gel filled candle full of sand dollars, starfish, or shells. You can make these yourself or purchase them from the store for a creative favor idea.

Beach weddings favors do not have to be boring or generic. You can create unique and personalized gifts that your wedding guests will love. The best part is that many of these favor ideas are not only friendly to the environment, but they are inexpensive as well. So, get creative and provide your guests with a beautiful taste of the ocean.