Beach Wedding Attire

Wedding is the most significant day in anyone's life. Choosing one's wedding attire may be an interesting as well as a difficult task. The wedding attire must keep you cool, comfortable and make you feel the man or the woman of the day too. Destination weddings are becoming popular and among them beach weddings are preferred by most, as it has a stunning effect with the sun set backdrop.

Women's beach wedding attire:

  • Beach weddings are considered more informal and so formal long flowing wedding gowns and heavy headpieces are not required.
  • The attire should be made of lightweight fabric and silk, chiffon, satin, and organza, are excellent choices for the beach wedding attire.
  • Instead of long gowns, short and tea length dresses suit best.
  • Silk Sarong with scarf will look fantastic in a beach. There are so many varieties to choose from and so we can choose according to our personality.

Color of the beach wedding attire:

  • The traditional wedding attire color is white. It also goes well as beach wedding attire as it matches with the sand and surf.
  • A delicate blue can also be selected as beach wedding attire to match the color of the sea.

Neck of a beach wedding attire:

  • Beach wedding attire will give its best look, if it's with a halter neck, spaghetti straps or strapless top that shows off tanned shoulders.

Sleeves of beach wedding attire:

  • Sleeveless beach wedding attire will be elegant and glamorous.
  • If the wedding takes place during summer, free flowing sleeves will shelter your hands from the heat.

Foot wears for beach wedding attire:

  • Generally, beach wedding attire does not require special foot wears and so a barefoot without sandals will be the best option.
  • There are great looking barefoot jewelry available made of beads, glass beads, and semi precious stones to suit beach wedding attire.
  • Even a flip-flop or a strappy sandal will be stylish.
  • As it will be windy, veil will be a wrong idea to go for; rather a simple decoration with flowers and some decorative pins will be a better idea. A flower garland will add that extra glamour to the casual beach wedding attire.

Men's beach wedding attire:

  • Groom's beach wedding attire should match with that of the bride's attire.
  • A light colored linen suit will be the best choice for men, as it will keep the body cooler.
  • A solid, bright tie will match the light colored linen suit as well as the tropical flowers that are found in beaches.
  • If you choose to be less formal, even a dark pair of shorts with a nice polo shirt will be considered as trendy.
  • A semi casual style can also be maintained by a button down or polo shirt with a nice pair of pants or jeans, T- shirt and sandals combination will give a dashing look to the groom.

There are so many options to choose from, and the best option will be the one, in which you feel convenient and comfortable through out the day. After all it's your day!