Advice for Picture Perfect Wedding Day Makeup

Every bride wants to look her best on her wedding day. Sometimes to do that, it takes a little practice and some advice as well. While most women know how to apply makeup in a way that makes them look beautiful, wedding day makeup needs to be a little different. Makeup photographs differently in professional pictures and in videos than it is seen in person. Below are some tips on how to look picture perfect for your wedding day photos.

Practice Makes Perfect

It is important to practice your makeup before the big day in order to come up with a look that is fabulous both in and out of pictures. You want the makeup to show up beautifully on film, but you do not want it to be so heavy that it leaves you looking like a clown to those around you. Practicing with different shades and types of makeup can help you get the routine down pat for your wedding day.

Consider Mineral Mixtures

A matte look that is not thick and cakey is the way to go when the camera light will be reflecting off of your skin in photos. Light mineral makeup is a wonderful way to even out skin tone, provide needed color and a hint of sun kissed bronzing without appearing fake and done up. It is also matte and not oily, which will help to make you look less shiny in pictures.

Choose Long Lasting Options

There will not be much time for touch ups once the ceremony begins and that is why it is best to choose long lasting makeup options. Makeup that does not kiss off is also a great option as is waterproof mascara. It would not be good to have black streaks rolling down your face or colored lipstick covering the groom’s mouth in your wedding memories.

Have a Heavier Hand

Sometimes it takes more makeup to show up in photos. This does not mean that you have to cake on a pound of powder and gloss, but it may mean that you should try to have a slightly heavier hand when applying your makeup for the big day. Using darker colors than you normally would may be a good idea too. It is best to take a few photos in order to see what combinations and amount of makeup makes the best impressions in person and on paper.

Avoid Oil

Oily skin and sweat are a major problem for most brides. Bringing blotting cloths with you is an essential step in eliminating shininess without your pictures. Using oil free makeup is also a good choice, as is making sure that powder is applied around your hair line to help absorb sweat and oil.

Creating a beauty look that will look good in photos and as you walk down the aisle is not as simple as some women may believe. In fact, practice, patience and some creativity are needed to come up with the best look that blends the right products with the correct colors to produce a look that cannot be forgotten.