A Classic Wedding Guide

Weddings in the United States generally follow a very interesting, uniform pattern regarding preparations, invitations, presentation of gifts and the progress of the actual ceremony. When one is planning a wedding, providers of different services should be considered. They include photographers, wedding planners, masters of ceremony, caterers, dress and cake shop sales executives and many, many other people.

A classic US wedding guide should highlight how all the services needed can be sourced from the most qualified people at the lowest possible cost. Additionally, your guest list is very crucial. The wording of the invitation cards is also as important. The wedding planner also needs to make flawless arrangements on the forms of entertainment that will be available on the big day.

What makes a wedding a special occasion is that style meets substance on a day when bride and groom exchange vows to spend their lives together as man and wife. Everything ought to be handled with maximum pomp and style. Make sure that flowers are provided by the best florist in town. Also, leave no room for transport hitches. Let everything at the reception venue go according to plan. The photographers should never miss the most significant moments throughout the wedding progression.

Never forget to allow room for changes to be made in the course of wedding preparations. Some changes that become a matter of urgent necessity include alterations in the size and shape of the wedding dress as well as changes to tuxedo fittings. For this reason, make sure that the vendor who has supplied you with these items is a good person to work with. He should understand your concerns when it comes to choice of colors of tuxedos and dresses. In fact, he can help with making suggestions on the best colors and styles.

Everything in a wedding should be all about symbolism. The symbols chosen include flowers, rings and gifts. Some people even give out money to the bride and the groom. It is the guests that help reinforce the right symbolism. Therefore ultimate care should be taken at the reception. Make sure to offer VIPs the special attention that they deserve.

Remember, don't make blunders in the belief that you want to make the wedding a very unique one. Some practices remain the same across all cultures. They never and will never change. For instance, the manner in which the bride and the groom proclaim their oath cannot be changed. Do not change the generally accepted sequence of events in the name of bringing out some aspect of uniqueness.

As the wedding day wears on, the planner needs to be more and more vigilant on issues to do with protocol, order of events and maintenance of the right mood. He should know which instances are most anticipated, such as exchanging of rings, the first dance that the couple engages in, cutting of the cake and toasting of the newlyweds. The best wedding guide is one that highlights the most anticipated time in the wedding. In the US, the reception and exchange of vows and rings attract the wildest cheers from guests.