8 Wedding Shots That Should Not Be Missed

Creating lasting memories of your wedding day is one of the most important tasks to arrange before the bid day. If you miss the chance to capture a certain shot on film, your ability to cherish it for a lifetime will be permanently lost.

There are eight key shots that no bride or groom wants to be without when the wedding is over and the pictures have been developed. The shots listed below are some of the most important and memorable and the photographer should be sure to capture them as well as possible.

1. Preparation Photos

Every bride has a picture of her mother or friends helping her get into her dress, put on her veil, or apply her makeup before she walks down the aisle. These are some of the most touching photos that a bride cherishes long after the special day has passed and provides a wonderful way for mother and daughter or father and son to bond on the wedding day.

2. Wedding Party Group Shots

Group shots are a great chance to remember your wedding party as they were that day. It provides an opportunity to ensure that a photo is taken of everyone, even if a certain person does not make it into an individual shot later on.

3. The Walk down the Aisle

As a father or family friend walks the bride down the aisle, it is important for the photographer to capture that initial moment in the ceremony and to capture a shot of the grooms face as his bride walks towards him. These are shots that surely should not be missed and will provide dynamic pictures for reminiscing later on.

4. Exchange of Vows

There are few better shots that can capture the love and emotion of the moment than those that are taken during the exchange of the vows. During this time, the bride and groom are expressing their love and devotion to one another for forever.

5. The Kiss

What would a wedding be without a picture of the first kiss of the bride and groom as man and wife? Although not always the most attractive shot, it provides a lasting memory that no couple would ever want to forget.

6. Cutting of the Cake

Another traditional wedding photo that is a must is the cutting and serving of the cake. Every married couple has a picture of them lovingly or playfully feeding each other bites of cake and maybe even smearing a bit on the other’s face.

7. First Dance

The first dance of the bride and groom should always be captured on film as well as the bride’s first dance with her father at the wedding. These are also lasting memories that will be sure to be cherished.

8. Individual Shots

Individual photos of the bride and groom together or individually with their family members or friends are a wonderful memory to have and make great display photos around the home when the wedding is over.

Although most couples end up with hundreds of photos after their wedding, there are eight key shots that should always be taken in order to create the most lasting memories of your special day. These photos will be sure to be some of the most loved and cherished memories of your life together.