5 Popular Types of Bridal Bouquets

Although it may not seem like a big detail to most grooms, choosing the type of bridal bouquet is a big deal for the bride. Getting the style just right so that it melds perfectly with the wedding gown and d├ęcor is an important part of planning the wedding. Five of the most popular types of bouquets can be found below to help you get a feel for what style would work best in your wedding.


This a beautiful and elegant arrangement that is very full at the top and gently tapers down to a cascade at the bottom. For that reason, it is sometimes called a waterfall bouquet and is perfect for more formal weddings. It can consist of either large dense flowers and greenery or small wispy flowers and ribbons. Usually large and detailed, these arrangements can be quite pricey, so it best to look into another style if you are on a tight budget.


For a more dramatic and different look, a bride can go with a crescent bouquet. These arrangements have a half moon shape to them and are generally fullest in the center and taper off on either side. There are both symmetrical and asymmetrical types of this bouquet. In one, the flowers on either side are the same length and in the other, the flowers on one side are longer than the other. These types of bridal bouquets can be made to fit any type of wedding theme.


A smaller version of the traditional round bouquets, these quaint little arrangements are perfect for the bride who wants beauty but is on a tight budget. This is a round button style that is wrapped at the bottom with ribbon or other fabric of your choice and can be completed with any type of flower you desire. This is the simplest and most universal of the bridal bouquets.


A heart shape arrangement is romantic and can make quite a statement at your wedding. Not everyone can pull it off though. It is created by arching to bouquets of flowers on each side and having them taper down to a point forming the heart shape. Not all flowers can be arranged in this manner, so it is best to check with your florist first.


For those who want something different and original, there are freeform bridal bouquets. These arrangements are created in their own unique way and can be the result of simply putting the flowers together to fall where they may, or having them arranged in a totally new but intentional manner. Flowers are arranged at every angle and there is never a clear shape to this form.

Choosing the bridal bouquet style is not always a simple choice. There are many beautiful types of arrangements to choose from. The five types above are just a sampling of the most popular that are available to you on your wedding day.