5 Hairstyle Choices for Your Wedding Day

There are a million decisions that must be made when planning a wedding. One of these important decisions is how to wear your hair. Depending on your dress, the weather or the location of your wedding, you may wish to consider a wide range of choices before making the final decision. Below are five of the most popular hairstyle options that are available to brides on their special day.


Perhaps the most classic of wedding day hairstyles, the up-do can accentuate a bride’s facial features and is perfect for dresses with a higher neckline that might be masked by hair that was worn loose. French twists, buns, and a range of other choices are available as up-dos and can include sleek straight hair or hair that has been tightly curled. This is also a good option on a windy day or when the weather will be hot, such as that which is seen at summer beach weddings.

Down and Curly

For brides who want a more romantic feel on their special day, hair that is worn down and that is curly is ideal. Curls can either be tight spirals or loosely formed flowing locks. Regardless of the choice, this can be an ideal look for more simplistic dresses, where the hair will be a main focal point. Curly locks with a more ornate dress design may appear to be too busy in some cases.

Down and Straight

Even if you have curly hair, it is possible to have it straightened for your special day. This can provide a drastic change and new look for your wedding and can give you that added boost of confidence before that walk down the aisle. Brides will straight hair may want to choose to wear it down as well, especially with a low cut or sleeveless gown.

Half Up

For the best of both worlds, brides may wish to try a hairstyle that is half up and half down. This works well for brides who want a little added flair on their special day, but still want the hair down around their neck and shoulders to frame their face. This is also a wonderful option for windy days, as it keeps the hair out of your face, but still allows some down to blow in the breeze.


For women with short hair, choosing a wedding day hairstyle can often be a disappointing decision. They may picture themselves with an up-do or long curly hair, but may not be able to pull it off because of the length of their current hairstyle. In these cases, brides may opt to get extensions for their special day. Extensions are a great way to instantly lengthen a woman’s hair and can be made to perfectly match the bride’s current hair color. By going with this option, a woman with short hair can have the look she has always dreamed of on the big day.

Choosing the ideal hair style that will compliment both the dress and the bride herself on the wedding day can be a difficult choice. The hairstyles above are a sampling of what is available for brides to choose from on their special day.