3 Unusual Wedding Locations

When choosing a wedding location, a lot of things have to be taken into consideration, from the wedding dress, to the list of guests, the menu, etc. But the most important thing is to think of you and your partner, as this day is actually for the two of you, not for your families, relatives, friends and co.

So, as it seems that more and more people have decided to think of themselves and what would make them happy on the day of their wedding, thus choosing something memorable, as well as unusual, as a wedding location. Here are three examples:

Underwater Marriage

It can either mean diving, or wedding on a submarine. While diving could relate to heavenly places with clear blue waters, such as Bali, the wedding on a submarine generally takes people into the depths of the waters, mainly, in places where famous ships have found their final rest. The most famous place of the kind is where the Titanic lays.

The best parts associated with this idea are that the partners don't have to worry about a wedding dress or a costume, nor about a menu, list of guests and other similar aspects, as both diving and a submarine mean that only a few people, close family members and friends, can be present.

Therefore, the key element is to keep it small and, why not, even simpler (thou the prices for renting a submarine or diving equipment still have to be taken into consideration, as underwater marriage is a not-so-cheap option).


For this, a bride does not need high heels, a fancy wedding dress (maybe no dress at all, since at some altitudes warm clothes are required), and the guest list is, likely, empty. The problem might be finding a priest who would make it to the top of the mountain with you two.

It's cheaper than the previous option, because there is no cost to go up a mountain; the only costs will involve a guide, if you're not sure about the area, and a priest. But nothing fancy can be done in this case, therefore making it a short ceremony.

The sensation one could have, being on top of the world, the beauty of the view and the freshening air make this option a choice worth considering for nature lovers and for those who want something both special and simple.

Skydiving or Bungee Jumping

Both options involve air and jumping, but at different levels. While you most likely won't find a priest to jump with you, in the first case, you will surely find one to officiate your wedding on a bridge, while you are getting ready to bungee jump.

As it was the case with the first two options, you don't need formal attire, and you just keep it simple with the ceremony. But, while, with skydiving other people can't be with you on the plane from which you jump (except the essential ones for this activity and a priest), on a bridge you might invite more guests. These two options are not cheap, but they sure guarantee an adrenaline rush.