Wilson Pickett - I've Come a Long Way Lyrics

I've come a long long long long way, oh yes I did
Since I found a love, since I found a love
But wait a minute, there's one more thing
It was so hard hard, yeah, oh yeah
But I've come a long, such a long long way
Let me tell y'all by the stars above
Let me say it one more time, by the stars above

I used to look here & there, here, there, everywhere
One day that woman walked into my life, oh yeah
She said "Don't worry baby, I'll make everything all right"
She went on & she smoothed out all the rough roads, uh huh
With lots of lovin & secure, oh yes she did
& she gave me somethin' to live for
I can tell the world, yeah (by the stars above)

I've come a long (long) long way (long way)
Ah sometime I'm gonna cry tears of water
That came runnin' out, oh yeah

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