Unifics - Court of Love Lyrics

Will everyone please rise
'Cause in this court
The judge of love presides
Will the jury take its place
Now will the plaintiff kindly state his case

Mmmmmmmmm, I got a letter today
And cried with every word she had to say
I was so hurt, shamed and disgraced
'Cause that woman didn't have the nerve
To tell me face to face
That she was seeing somebody else
And all my witnesses testify just how I felt
She didn't tell me
She was gonna let me go
I was the last one alive to know

So my first charge is that she deceived me
Into thinkin' that her love was mine all mine
The second charge is that she misused me and abused my love
And Judge, believe me that's a crime

My third charge is that she was dishonest
And stripped me of all my manly pride
She constantly disrespected me
But somehow I always seem to catch her lyin', whoa

Has the jury reach its verdict

And I tensed up so inside, mmm, yeah

We have, your Honor, said the jury

Somebody tell me what's it gonna be

We find the defendant guilty as charged

I got justice
In this courtroom
I got justice
In this courtroom

Hey, hey, justice

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