Tum Tum - Caprice Musik Lyrics

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Candy drippin
On the chevy
Caprice classic
I do the fool
Watch me clown
Its dat caprice music
It goes down


So fly not a wrinkle
Hop up in the Chevy
Work the wood like my single
Dippin' and swirvin'
Me and lope ya herd me
Spinnin' thru tha grove
Cocked up on 24's
Heavy on da net
You know me

So many chains on I'm bout to OG
Be 50 what it is
I see u gripin' when that get big
I be stuttin' on dat ass
Screesh up pop out the dash
Beep beep who got the keys to the caprice (neeroom)
4/50 engine is obese
Pull up pulled by 25 freeks
I play for keeps

Chorus 2x

Television wood wheels
Sun roof push back
Take boys to school on these slabs
I'm a class act
One boppa
Two boppa
Three boppa

Welcome to the chevy when I let up the doors
Sippin' and smokin'
Gotta pass that
Take five puffs then pass it right back
Noise my protected
TBG's up
53 B.I.G.
D-D-D-D-Double up
Gangs all here
Leather on the chair
Ain't nobody flossin' like this I swear
Presidential tint
Bang in the trunk
Pistols everywhere got me f**ked up
Drop the beat
I lace the track
I'm a fool wit it (fool wit it)
Like twisty black
Wip game vicious
My car look delicious
So much candy on the car
It's re-goddamn diculous

Chorus 2x

One boppa
Two Boppa
Three boppa
One boppa
Two boppa
Three boppa

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