Tracy Byrd - A Good Way To Get On My Bad Side (featuring Mark Chestnut) Lyrics

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Verse 1:
Little Lady standin' next to me
Isn't she a pretty thing
I'm the one who put that ring on her left hand
Another fella can tip his hat
And I'm as gentle as a pussycat
But let it go much further than that and he's a dead man...cause

That's a good way
That's a real good way
That's a good way to get on my bad side

Verse 2:
Politician on my TV
Says he's only lookin' out for me
He says he knows what the poor man needs in the long run
But every year he gives himself a raise
With a chunk of every buck I make
Now he's talkin' like he wants to take my shotgun

Repeat Chorus
Verse 3:
I ain't looking for no trouble, don't wanna start no fight
Don't want more than I got comin', I only wanna do what's right
Just treat me like I treat you and we'll get along just fine
But mister take one step across that line

Repeat Chorus
I like Van Halen and I like George Jones
Charlie Daniels and the Rolling Stones
And Bocephus when he rocks and rolls still kills me
There ought to be a law against cowboy rap
And all that boy band crap
A little sissy in a cowboy hat ain't country.....but

Repeat Chorus

Yeah thats a real good way to get on my bad side

Repeat Chorus(2x)

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