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Make It Hot
See what I wanna do, huh
(Ooh, ooh) I don't know if I can say what I'm wanna do
(Yeah) Maybe I can (yeah, yeah, yeah)
Uh, uh, uh

Do I have to grab the back of your neck?
To make you listen to me
Do you have to see me flashing my dough?
Or waving my Rolley
Mr. yeah, yeah
Baby can't a get a hit of you
What's up? What's up?
Come on, I like to touch
I got to figure out if your down too cause

I got to get it
You won't forget it
Kiss you under your navel
I'll go where he won't go
I got to get, got to get it
Just let me hit just let me hit it
I'll kiss the lips under the navel
I'll bet he won't go where I go

Listen, now baby I can be a better man
Better yet a gentleman
Flying to Japan and back again
Let's spend a weekend in Puerto Rico
And baby wait till I'm finito
Cause I'm fiending yeah, yeah
And I got to get a hit of you
What's up? What's up?
Come on, I like to fuck
I got to figure out if you're down to go, baby, baby yeah

Uh, uh, uh
What's your goal baby ho? (Baby)
Get you hot, sip the Mo'
And get the dough baby (get the dough baby)
We can do it how you wanna let me know baby (let me know baby)
If I got it you can get it that's for sure baby (for sure baby)
Or hit the door baby (oh baby)
My man will treat you right (come on)
Won't you be the freak I know and give me head all night? (Ooh)
If you think somebody's looking girl turn off the lights (ooh)
We can do it where you wanna, where you wanna, how you wanna (ooh yeah)
Let me keep it tight, I make it hot (make it hot)
Lick in between your legs and won't stop (won't stop)
>From the back, from the front, you on top (you on top)
Had to get it, had to hit it, non-stop (just let me hit it)

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