Shawty Lo - They Know Lyrics

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Chorus L O L O Dey Know Dey Know (Repeat 4x)

(Verse 1)

Shawty Lo I got flavor
Cuz you know the kid got paper
Like 40 don't sava
BANKHEAD been pullin' capas

The way you drop woulda thought I had a taser
Call me street like the raver?
Shawty Lo, A.T.L, I'm the MAYOR
Street N**** but I can be tailored

Every now and then shawty might rock gators
Me and that kussssh I got acres
Yeahhh no more nosy xxx neighbors
Bigupp to all my HATERS

Chorus Repeat 4 times

(Verse 2)

I' the Man (PAUSE) and I know that
I got cash (PAUSE) I'm talkin throw back
100 grand (PAUSE) what's that
I hit the club (PAUSE) and I blow that

All these hoes know Lo Dat
I'm picture perfect made for Kodak
Let's talk money
I got plenty


Chorus Repeat 8x

(erse 3)
Hey Hey Hey Hey how u doin it's L O
'73 I'm the one in the middle
I don't need B I can rock it achapello
No one but two all I needed was a skittle?

YeaHH now I'm Geekd Screamin Yessir just like G
A-town fitted who but me
L O G know He know They Know I am

Chorus 4 times

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