Sarah Johns - The One in the Middle Lyrics

(1st Verse)

I can't believe you'd do that to me
Use me

You've fooled around and a'wrecked my heart
She's just a skank rode hard and put up
Well, good luck

Pre Chorus

I would've given you the finger on my left hand
The one that you use for a wedding band


(But) (And) now I'm givin' you
The one in the middle
The one that's a little bit longer
And I got another one
On my other hand

So I can say it even stronger
If you're askin' if I'm done
Well, I'm sure not sayin' you're number one
(No, now I'm givin' you)
(The one in the middle)
(The one that says we're through)

(2nd Verse)

I hope you're happy with your sad life
That's right

I hope you get what you deserve
And when you're tired of TV dinners

Repeat Pre Chorus

Repeat Chorus


Well, you made your bed
So go lay in it

And you forced my heart and hands
To the limit


Ah, yeah, I've had it with you, darlin'
That's right

Repeat Chorus


Oh, yeah, read between the lines, baby
Um, hmm

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