Righteous Brothers - Try To Find Another Woman Lyrics

I think you better
I think you better try to find another woman
Try, try to find one who love you
And live with you the best you

Don't start none of that grieving, this time she's leaving
She's packing up her suitcase
Try to find another woman

When she first met you
You we're her everything
You meant so much to her
She just had to be your loving bride

But in five years you've changed
Now you never do nothing
All you ever do is sit around the tv set,
Feed your fat face with slop and make the womans life a complete misery

I think you better

From the early hours the morning
Till the late hours at night
You keep raggin on her baby
Till of course, she does nothing right

Oh can't stop it no more
She's got fed up with everything about you
So take a friends advice,
Go on with your life
And try to find another woman

I think you better
X 2

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