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Remember when I met U, baby
U we're on your way 2 be wed
U we're such a sexy thing
I loved the way U walked, the things U said
And I was so nonchalant
I didn't want U 2 be misled
But I've gotta have U, baby
I gotta have U in my bed

And U said I'm just a virgin and I'm on my way 2 be wed
But U're such a hunk so full of spunk, I'll give U


Head till U're burnin' up
Head till U get enough
Head till U're love is red
Head love U till U're dead

U know U're good, girl
I think U like 2 go down
U wouldn't have stopped but ah
I came on your wedding gown

And U said I must confess, I wanna
Get undressed and go 2 bed

With that, I jammed
U fool, U married me instead!
Now morning, noon, and night I give U


Ooh yeah! (3x)
Head (4x)


Head (Oh no)
Head (Oh no, baby, no)
Head (Ow!)
Head (But U said I could)

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