Prince - Adore Lyrics

Ooh, baby
Darlin', U're the best, oh girl

Until the end of time, I'll be there 4 U
U own my heart and mind, I truly adore U
If God one day struck me blind, your beauty I'd still see
Love's 2 weak 2 define just what U mean 2 me

From the first moment I saw U
Ooh, I knew U were the one
That night I had 2 call U
I was rappin' till the sun came up
Tellin' U just how fine U look
In a word, U were sex
All of my cool attitude U took
My body was next
U made love 2 me
Like U were afraid
Was U afraid of me?
Was I the first?
Was I your every fantasy?
That's why...


When we be makin' love
I only hear the sounds
Heavenly angels crying above
Tears of joy pourin' down on us
They know we need each other
They know U are my fix (Cuz U know)
I know that U know I ain't cheatin' baby (I ain't cheatin' on U, baby)
They know this is serious
I ain't fuckin' just 4 kicks
No, this condition I got is crucial, crucial baby
U could say that I'm a terminal case
U could burn up my clothes (U could burn up my clothes)
Smash up my ride (U could smash up..)
Well, maybe not the ride
But I got 2 have your face all up in the place (Do U think?)
I'd like 2 think that I'm a man of exquisite taste
(I'm a man of exquisite taste)
A hundred percent Italian silk imported Egyptian lace
Nothin' baby, I said nothin' baby could compare (Nothin' could compare)
2 your lovely face (2 your lovely face)
Do U know what I'm sayin' 2 U this evening? (What U sayin' about?)
Tryin' tryin' 2 say (I hear what your sayin')
Just tryin' 2 say that until
Till the end of time, I'll be there 4 U

I'll be there 4 U
U own my heart, U own my mind (Truly adore U)
I truly adore U (Darlin')
U don't know what U mean 2 me, baby
(Until the end of time, I'll be there 4 U)
Baby, baby
(U own my heart and mind, I truly adore U)
Till the end of time I'll be there 4 U
(Adore U)

Can I talk 2 U, tell U what U mean 2 me?

REPEAT CHORUS (2x, in background)

Everytime U wander, I'll be your eyes so U can see
I wanna show U things that I show no other
I wanna be more than, more than your mother
More than your brother
I wanna be like no, like no other
If U need me, I'll never leave
I know that U know without U there is no me, there is no me
Without U there is no sea, there is no shore
Love is 2 weak 2 define how much I adore
U child, U child
The last words U hear, the last words U hear

Until (Until the end of time {x7 in BG})
I'll be there 4 U, baby
Be with me darlin' til the end of all time
I'll give U my heart, huh, I'll give U my mind, huh
I'll give U my body yeah, I'll give U my time
4 all time I am with U, U are with me
U are with me, U are with me

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