Monica - That's My Man Lyrics

He's my man, and I know it,
Cause i got a trembling deep in my soul
That I can't ingore it and I can control it what a man
He's my fortess, I'm safe from harm when everything is all wrong
Man he is strong, ain't trippen about my record deal,
But still he gives me amazing thrill
He's my man and i proud about it I'ma shout about it
Ain't no doubt about it

Thats my man, ain't gon let no one say nothing bad about my baby
Thats my man, spend to many night on my knees praying to Jesus,
I'm his lady
Thats my man, ladies you know a good man is hard to find, and now I got mines you better believe it
Thats my man, he's the only one for me

Slow your role see how you gon tell me bout my man
When you ain't got a man of your own see I already know
You can't stand that my man really loves me he won't cheat, beat, or sleep around on me and he cares about my needs
We fuss and fight but he knows when it's over, that every night
I'm positive my man is coming home to me, he's my man
And I proud about it, I'ma shout about it, ain't no doubt about it

That's my man ain't gonna let no one say nothing bad about my baby

Thats my man willing to fight, keep it right, and keep it tight, I'm his lady

Thats my man you say he cheap i don't see it, I don't believe it, he's my baby

Thats my man he's the only one for me

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