Missy Elliott - Gossip Folks Lyrics

(people in background chatting)
Yo, yo yo move out of the way
We got Missy Elliott coming through

Girl that is Missy Elliott she lost a lot of weight
Girl I heard she eats one cracker a day
Oh well I heard the b**** was married to tim and started f**king with Trina

I heard the b**** got hit with three zebras and a monkey
I can't stand the b**** no way


When I walk up in the piece
I ain't gotta even speak
I'm a bad mamajama god dammit motherf**ker
You ain't gotta like me

How you studying these hoes
Need to talk what you know
And stop talking bout who I'm sticking
And licking jus mad it ain't yours

I know y'all poor y'all broke
Ya'll job jus hanging up clothes
Step to me get burnt like toast
Muthaf**kas adios amigos

Halves halves wholes wholes
I don't brag I mostly boast
From the va to the la coast
Iffy kiffy izzy oh


Musi ques
I sews on bews
I pues a twos on que zat
Pue zoo
My kizzer
Pous zigga ay zee
It's all kizza
It's always like
It's all kizza
It's always like
Na zound
Wa zee
Wa zoom zoom zee


When I pull up in my whip
B****es wanna talk shit
I'm driving I'm glad and I'm styling
In these Muthaf**kas eyes did you see it

I'm gripping these curbs
Skuur, did ya heard
I love em, my fellas, my furs
I fly like a bird

Chicken heads on the prowl
Who you trying fuck now
Naw you ain't getting loud
Better calm down for I smack your ass down

I need my drums bass high
Has to be my snare strings horns and
I need my tim sound
Right, left
Izzy kizzy looky here



I don't go out my house shorty
You just waiting to see
Who gon roll up in the club and then report that next week
Just wanna see who I am f**king boy

Sniffing some coke
I know by the time I finish this line I'm a
Hear this on the radio


Yeah, uh huh, okay
Once upon a time in college park
Where they live life fast and they scared of dark
There was a little n**** by the name of cris

Nobody paid him any mind
No one gave a shit
Knowing he could rap
No one lifted a hands

So he went about his business and devised a plan
Made a CD and then he hit the block
50 thousand sold
Seven dollars a pop

Hold the phone
Three years later
Steeped out the swamp
With ten and a half gators

All around the world on the microphone
Leaving the booth smelling like burberry cologne
Still riding chrome
Got b****es in the kitchen

Never home alone
And he's on the grind
Please let me know if he's on your mind
And respect you'll give me

Ludacris I live loud just like Timmy
Fuck, have to clear these rumors
I got a headache and it's not from tumors
Get up on my lap and get my head sucked tight

Sprayed so I never let the bed bugs bight
Hard to the core
Core to the right
Drop down turn around pick a bale of cotton


(people in the background chatting)
Yo, straight up Missy killed that shit tonight for real
I know I know, I don't even care about her beign preganant by Michael Jackson

You know what we should do
We should go get her alvum when it comes out
There she go, there she go, there she
Heeeey Misssy


Hi Missy
What's up fools
You think I ain't knowin y'all broke Milli Vanilli
Jay jay fan wannabes ain't over here gossiping bout me

Yo how bout you buff these pumas for 20 cents so your lights won't get cut off

You soggy breasts, cow stomachs
Yo take those baby gap shirts off, too
You just mad cuz payless ran out of plastic pumps for the after party

Yo by the way, go get my album

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