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Mike Jones, Jones
Mike Jones, Jones

(Hook - 2x Big Moe)

I stay flossin'g in that candy paint
Blowin' dank
Sippin' drank on 84 swangers
Tearin' up the lane, tearin' up the laaaaaaaane

(Verse 1: Mike Jones)

Lil daddy you can tell I'm ballin'
From the way I'm flossin' 84s I am crawlin'
Screens fallin' as I slide up and down your block
With a chain full of rocks and princess cuts in my watch

Mike Jones
I'm hot now a lot of people callin'
But back then they left Mike Jones crawlin'
I'm rising they fallin'
Cuz I stayed up on my grind
Didn't have time to whine
Had to put it dine (down)

I'm Mike Jones
Who...Mike Jones
Who...Mike Jones, Jones
And I'm a stay putting it down until the end
Pimpin' pens

Tryin' to put a brand new benz in the wind

(Hook - 2x)

(Verse 2: Mike Jones)

I pull up in a drop top holding grain
Parking lot pimpin' mayne
I ain't even trippin' mayne
Screens rain as I slide up and down the block
Ride daily holding glock
Cuz I know haters plot
You might see me SUV on 24s
Or I might be flippin' tippin' on four vogues

Mike Jones
A lot people now mad cuz I'm hot
But they gone be even madder when that jag leave the lot
I stay grindin' so I can stay ballin'
Cuz Lord knows I can't picture me fallin'
I'm crawlin'
Candy paint on fours
Doggin' all these hos
You handlin' the road in my wide body load
I'm a baller shot caller 20 inch crawler
Catch me on the highway or about to tear the mall up
My album Who is Mike Jones comin' soon
My album Who is Mike Jones comin' soon

(Hook - 2x)

(Verse 3: Big Moe + Mike Jones)

I'm pimpin' flippin' that candy paint
Lane switchin' sippin' that purple drank
Screen fallin' dubs crawlin'
I guess that's why the girls keep callin'
My phone

I roam and hop in my maybach

(Mike Jones)

Haters knock cuz we on the grind and they not
Big Moe and Mike Jones
Who..Mike Jones
Who..Mike Jones
Who..Mike Jones Jones

(Big Moe)

Swisha House and the Wreckshop
Big Moe and Mike Jones finna wreck shop

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