Megan Mullins - Cryin' Days Lyrics

Saw a perfect sunset, It made me misty
That's as close to tears as i'm gonna get
Spent a lot 'a years chasin' down ol' feelin's
Just to find ol' feelin's to forget


Got a four-leaf clover in my pocket
And there's sunshine pourin' down like rain
I had a bad idea ,but I dropped it
Let there be no more cryin' days

Well, I took a picture of the ceilin'
Got myself Michael Landon low
Finally learned how to pay attention
Now, you did brush the canvas of my soul

Repeat Chorus


A new set of wings
A new pair of glasses
Changin' the view
Sweepin' up the ashes
Yeah, yeah I

Repeat Chorus

Let there be no more cryin' days

I'm gonna cry no more, hmm hmm

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